Welcome to www.StarsOfTheDiamond.com! This website highlights my collection of Sports Cards, and more specifically my Pre-World War II Baseball Card Collection. I have been a collector of vintage sports cards for over 20 years. I have many areas of interest within the hobby, however, my taste is rather eclectic. Please note that not all cards on this site are for sale, but I do have an area where some cards can be purchased. I am actively looking for many cards for sets or projects that I am working on, so please check out my Wantlist . If you would like to contact Rhett he can be reached via e-mail at rhettyeakley@gmail.com .
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My Want-List
Below you will find a list of items that I am most interested in picking up. I would be willing to pay well for items on this list, and would love to speak with you if you have something I am interested in. The following cards are needed for sets I am working on or projects that are in the works. Again, don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail if you have something I need. Also, any item I have on my site for sale (ie with a price next to it) is available in trade for any item I need below.

1898 Cameo Pepsin Pins
Email if you have any for sale, I will pay well for any examples from this set.
1909-11 E254 Colgan's Chips
Let me know if you have any available
1912 E270-1 Colgan's Red Borders
Email me if you have any available
1913 E270-2 Colgan's Tin Tops
Email me if you have any available
1920-21 D327 Holsum Bread
Looking for cards I don't already have from this set, please email me if you have any available.
1920-22 E121 & Related Backs (Types)
Leader Theatre (E121 front, not W573)
Shotwell Candy Co.
Also interested in many players with other tough or unusual backs, let me know what you have.
1921 E121 Series of 80
Frank Baker, Bill Killifer (name mispelled), Carl May (name incorrect), Lee Meadows, Chas. O'Leary, Roger Peckinpaugh (name correct), Ed. Roush (L.F.)
Also looking for cards that have the first line ending in "eighty" as opposed to "eighty of the" and other unusual backs.
1911-1927 Zeenuts (PCL)
I am trying to put together all of these sets. Email me whether you have one or a large grouping. Interested in Commons as well as the Stars/HOFers. I will also buy groups that include cards I already own to get at some cards I need.

1911 Zeenuts Needed:
Agnew(lg), Akin(lg), Arlett(med), Bohen, Brown(lg), Brown(med), Burrell(lg), Carson(lg), Carson(med), Howard(sm), McKune(lg), McKune(sm), Moskiman(lg), Raleigh(lg), Smith(LA)(lg), Smith(SF)(sm), Stinson(med), Stinson(sm)

1912 Zeenuts Needed:
Abbott, Bonner, Boone, Breen, Brooks(LA), Butcher, Delhi, Felts, Flater, Gregg, Halla, Hamilton(SF), Hetling(glove closed), Killilay, Koestner(w/"P"), Kreitz, Miller(SF), Moore, Olmstead, Orr, Pernoll, Raleigh, Reidy, Stewart, Sullivan, Temple, Wagner, Williams(SF), Joe Williams(Sac), Wuffli, Zimmerman

1913 Zeenuts Needed:
Arrelanes, Byrnes, Charles, Clemons, Crisp, Drucke, Gregory(lg), Hogan(Ver), Hosp, Jackson, James, Kaylor, Klawitter, Koestner, Kreitz, Leifield, Litschi, Lober, Lohman, McDonnell, Munsell, O'Rourke, Overall, Page, Parkin, Patterson, Pruitt, Raleigh, Rogers, Schaller, Schulz, Stark, Sterritt, Todd, Young

1914 Zeenuts Needed:
Ables, Arrelanes, Bliss(sm), Brenegan, Carlisle, Davis, Derrick, Dillon, Evans, Fleharty, Gedeon, Gianini, Hern, Hitt, Lober, Love, McCredie, Menges, Orr, Pape, Parkin, Perkins(sm), Powell(sm), Prough, Quinlan(sm), Rodgers(sm), Ryan(LA), Ryan(Port), Wolverton

1915 Zeenuts Needed:
Abstein, Baerwald, Bates, Beatty, Beer, Blankenship, Brown, Burns, Carrish, Chech, Clarke, Covaleski, Daniels, Davis, Dent, Derrick, Doane, Elliott, F.Elliott, Ellis, Evans, Fittery, Fitzgerald, Fromme, Harper, Heilmann, Higginbotham, Hilliard, Hitt(throw), Hughes, Kahler, Kane, Killilay, Klawitter, Krause, LaRoy, Leard, Litschi, Lober, Love, Lush, Maggart, Marcan, Martinoni, McAvoy, McCredie, McDonnell, McMullen, Meek, Metzger, Mitchell, Morgan, Mundorff, Murphy, Nutt, Orr, Pernoll, Perritt, Purtell, Remneas, Risberg, Russell, Speas, Stumpf, Tennant, Terry, Tobin, White, J.Williams, Wolter

1916 Zeenuts Needed:
Bayless, Butler, Callahan, Claxton, Crandall, Erickson, Hagerman, Higginbotham, Howard, Kelly, McGaffigan, Rader(Ver), Reuther, Risberg, Speas, Wilie, Williams, Zabel

1917 Zeenuts Needed:
Baldwin, Hall(LA), Harstadt, Hoff, Miller(throw), Terry, Vaughan

1918 Zeenuts Needed:
Arkenburg, Camm, Dunn, Essick, Hosp, Killefer, Leathers, Sheely, Wilie

1920 Zeenuts Needed:
Baker, Baldwin, Blue, Brenton, Connolly, DeVitalis, Fisher, Griggs, Juney, Koerner, Maisel, Matterson, Reagan, Reiger, Ross, Schroeder, Sutherland, Weaver, Winn, Wisterzill, Zeider

1921 Zeenuts Needed:
Adams, Alton, Brown, Gardner, Geary, Lane, Love, Oldring, Strand

1922 Zeenuts Needed:
NONE, but could use some upgrades

1923 Zeenuts (Sepia--1922 re-issue) Needed:
Geary, Howard, Wilie

1923 Zeenuts (Regular) Needed:
Gilder, Jones(Port), Kenna, Yarrison

1924 Zeenuts Needed:
Cochrane(Port), Killifer, Lewis, Menosky, Williams(Sea), Yellowhorse

1925 Zeenuts Needed:
Martin(Port), Mulcahy(SLC), Reese, L. Waner,

1926 Zeenuts Needed:
Boyd, Brady, Couch, Cutshaw, Ellsworth, Fenton, Hasty, Holmes, Meeker, Pillette, Plummer, Rachac, Ramsey, Rohwer

1929 Zeenuts Needed:
Berger, Boehler, Boone, Burkett, Burns, Childs, Crosetti, Dittmar, Freitas, Gabler, Governor, Holling, Hufft, Jacobs(LA), McIsaacs, Miller, Nelson, Nevers, Roberts, Sandberg, Statz, Taylor, Tolson, Walsh, Warren, Webb

1932 Zeenuts Needed:
Collard, Gillick, Mailho, Quellich, Salvo, Walsh(Oak)