Welcome to www.StarsOfTheDiamond.com! This website highlights my collection of Sports Cards, and more specifically my Pre-World War II Baseball Card Collection. I have been a collector of vintage sports cards for over 20 years. I have many areas of interest within the hobby, however, my taste is rather eclectic. Please note that not all cards on this site are for sale, but I do have an area where some cards can be purchased. I am actively looking for many cards for sets or projects that I am working on, so please check out my Wantlist . If you would like to contact me I can be reached via e-mail at rhettyeakley@gmail.com .
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19th Century Baseball Cards
I have decided to make many cards available for purchase, however, please note that only those items that are listed with a price are available for purchase. Those without a price are part of my personal collection and are Not For Sale. This site will forever be a work in progress. I hope to add more items as time goes on and as I get a chance to scan more items. Any prices listed below do not include shipping, shipping will depend on size of item and amount purchased, please email me if you have any questions.

1887 N28 Allen & Ginter Champions
Jake Kilrain (Pugilist)
Matsada Sorakichi (Wrestler)
1887 N284 Buchner Gold Coin
Tom Brown, Pittsburg PSA 4 VGEX
Doc Bushong, St. Louis
Cliff Carroll, Washington PSA 4 VGEX
John Coleman, Pittsburg PSA 4 VGEX
Charlie Getzein, Detroit SGC 3 VG
Doggie Miller, Pittsburg PSA 4 VGEX
Al Myers, Washington PSA 4 VGEX
Al Myers, Washington SGC 4 VGEX
Otto Shomberg, Indianapolis
1887-90 N172 Old Judge
#1-2 Gus Albert, Clevelands
#87-1 Pete Connell, Des Moines SGC 60
#96-1 Cannonball Crane, N. Y.
#103-2 Billy Crowell, Cleveland's
#153-3 Sid Farrar, Phil. Father of Opera star Geraldine Farrar
#154-5 Jack Farrell, Washington SGC 40
#163-1 Silver Flint, Chicago Desirable Portrait Image, SGC 20
#170-6 Dave Foutz, Brooklyns
#185-1 Joe Gerhardt Script Series
#187-2 Bobby Gilks, Clevelands
#188-2 Pete Gillespie, N.Y.'s
#202-3 Henry Gruber, Clevelands
#231-5 Bug Holliday, Des Moines
#239-5 Nat Hudson, St. Louis
#267-2 Fred Knouff, St. Louis Browns
#270-3 Gus Krock, Chicagos
#282-3 Jack Lynch Script Series
#304-1 Bill McClellan, Denvers Name spelled McClennan
#323-4 Doggie Miller, Pittsburg
#325-1 Jocko Milligan, St. Louis Browns
#331-2 Tony Mullane, Cincinnatti
#355-1 Hank O'Day, Washington
#356-9 Tip O'Neil, St. Louis
#372-4 Henry Porter, Brooklyn
#385-4 Danny Richardson, N.Y.'s SGC 10
#402-3 L. Schildnecht, Milwa'k's
#418-4 Lev Shreve, Indianapolis
#423-2 Elmer Smith, Cincinnatti SGC 40
#425-3 Germany Smith, Brooklyns <
#433-7 Charlie Sprague, Chicago
#482-5 Count Weber, Sioux City SGC 40
#492-1 John Weyhing, Columbus Gus Weyhing's brother (John died in 1890 at age 20)
#502-6 Ned Williamson, Chicago Popular Player, nice condition
1888 R & S Artistic Series (Rafael Tuck & Son)
Baltimore (Hands At Head Catching Ball) High grade
Brooklyn (Running) High grade
Indianapolis (Hands on Knees) High grade
1888 Scrapp's Die-Cuts
Charlie Bennett (Detroit)
D. Brouthers (Detroit) HOFer
A. J. Bushong (St. Louis)
Robert L. Caruthers (St. Louis)
Chas. Comiskey (St. Louis) HOFer
F. Dunlap (Detroit)
David L. Foutz (St. Louis)
Wm. Gleason (St. Louis)
Walter A. Latham (St. Louis)
James O'Neill (St. Louis)
H. Richardson (Detroit)
Wm. Robinson (St. Louis)
Curtis Welch (St. Louis)
1888 WG1 Game Cards
John Coleman, Pittsburgh SGC 40
Piano Legs Gore, New York SGC 40
Billy Nash, Boston SGC 40
1890's Frederick Schink (Merchant/Tailor) Comic Baseball Cards
A Foul Ball Tough type card
Out At First Tough type card
1895 N300 Mayo's Cut Plug
Fred Pfeffer Retired
1898 Cameo Pepsin Gum Pins
1897 Toronto Baseball Team
Louis Bierbauer, Pittsburg
John Grim, Brooklyn
William "Dummy" Hoy, Cincinnati
Edward Hutchinson, Cedar Rapids
Jim Hughey, Pittsburg
Frank Killen, Pittsburg
Willard "Grosshopper" Mains, Boston
Jake Stenzel, Baltimore
Cy Young, Cleveland