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Non-Sports Cards (1880's to Present)
The following cards are from my Personal Collection. While most of my personal collection is not for sale, I have decided to make many of the Non-Sports Cards available for purchase. I have tried to break down the collection to best highlight my different areas of interest. This site will forever be a work in progress. I hope to add more items as time goes on and as I get a chance to scan more items.

  19th Century Tobacco Cards Click here for all 19th Century Tobacco cards for sale.
1888 E273 G & B Chewing Gum
A. C. Thurman (Dem Vice-Presidential Candidate) Only example I have ever seen, great companion to the Ultra-Sought After E223 Baseball Card Set. Photo blown up 4X actual size, due to small size of actual card. $495
1910 E3 American Caramel Co. Navy Gum
Partial Set of 10 (w/ a low grade filler for 11 total) $95
1910 E18 Flags Of All Nations
Morocco Dockman's Back $8
1880's H233 Allen & Ginter Advertising Cards (small)
Allen & Ginter's Pet Cigarettes (Woman picking up child) $50
1880's HP1a Tobacco Advertising Cards (various brands)
Allen & Ginter's Pet Cigarettes (Young Child) $65
Allen & Ginter's Pet Cigarettes (Young Child w/ yellow dress) lower grade $35
Allen & Ginter's Pet Cigarettes (Young Child picking berries) $65
Allen & Ginter's Pet Cigarettes (Young Child feeding parrot) $65
Allen & Ginter's Pet Cigarettes (Boy on Dock) $70
Allen & Ginter's Pet Cigarettes (Boy Fishing) $70
Goodwin's Old Judge Cigarettes (Woman with Tassled Hat) $75
Wm. S. Kimball & Co. (Woman Reclined) $65
Wm. S. Kimball & Co. (Woman Giving Soldier Cigarette) $85
1880's HP1b Tobacco Advertising Cards (various brands)
P. Lorillard's Climax Plug Tobacco (Woman w/ Hand on Chin) Large ad on back (dated 1885) $60
1880's HP1c Tobacco Advertising Cards (various brands)
Drummond Tobacco Co.'s Horseshoe Brand (Julius Morris stamp) Advertising back $65
1889 N13 Allen & Ginter Game Birds
Green Winged Teal
1891 N20 Allen & Ginter Prize & Game Chickens
Black-Breasted Red Game Cock
1880-90's Allen & Ginter Coupons
Coupon D (Indian on front) Book offer on back $30
1889 N88 Duke Terrors of America
Terrors of America Coupon (for album) $30
"Say yous fellows, come take a Turkish bath"
1889 N91 Yacht Colors of the World
Yacht Colors of the World Coupon (for album #5) $25
Glenelg Yacht Club (Miss Atkinson)
1889 N122 Gail & Ax Novelties
Hand Mirror (facing right w/ hat)
1890 N145 Duke Actresses
#607 Laura Burt Cross-Cut Tobacco
1890 N150 Duke Actors & Actresses
Three Women (2 seated)
1890 N157 Duke Sunny South Series
Person Seated
1888 N183 Kimball Butterflies
#37 Catocala Nupta
1889 N186 Kimball Dancing Women
1889 N203 Kimball Sepia Actresses
1890 N213-2 Sweet Caporal Actresses
Irene Verona Full view, looking left
1887-90 N245 Sweet Caporal Actresses
Laura Biggar $3
Laura Biggar
Girl on Steps Blank Back
DeWolf Hopper & Della Fox Hopper famous for "Casey at the Bat" $30
Fannie Summerville
Yolande Wallace
1893 N259 Lorillard Types of the Stage
Spanish Dancer Tiger Fine Cut
1888 N330 S.F.Hess & Co.
Marian Magnola
1890's N385 Spaulding & Merrick Animals (all have clean "Plow Boy" ad backs)
#2 Tiger $14
#2 Tiger $14
#6 Ram $12
#11 Horse $16
#11 Horse $12
#11 Horse $11
#12 Camel Number as part of photo variation $15
#12 Camel $14
#12 Camel $13
#12 Camel $12
#13 Leopard/Cheetah $13
#13 Leopard/Cheetah $12
#13 Leopard/Cheetah $11
#15 Zebra $8
#16 Donkey $13
#18 Hippo $13
#18 Hippo $10
#18 Hippo $8
#21 Elephant $8
#22 Cow(Bull) $14
#23 Pig $7
1890's N392 Admiral Cigarettes
Girl with Pointed Hat
1895 N566 Newsboy Cabinets
#79 Flo Henderson
1909 T27 Actress Series (Type 2-Gold Borders)
Clara Lipman (Fatima) $4
1914 T31 Art Gallery Pictures
#11 Victor of the Glen (Red-Union Leader) $6
1911 T42 Bird Series (Type 1-White Border)
Baltimore Oriole (Sweet Caporal-Red 42) $3
Golden Eagle (Mecca-30) $3
1911 T42 Bird Series (Type 2-Gold Border)
American Eagle (Mecca-30) $3
Blue Bird (Sweet Caporal-42) $3
Golden Pheasant (Mecca-30) $3
1909 T51 Murad College Series
Armour (Skiing) $4
Johns Hopkins (Lacrosse) $8
Marquette university(Hammer Throw) $3
Pratt Institute (Ice Skater) $10
Penn College (Camping) $5
1912 T52 Costumes & Scenery
Pyrennese Girl (Turkish Trophies-7(3rd Dist)) $3
1911 T56 Emblem Series
3 Different $2/each
1911 T99 Sight & Scenes Of The World
Grand Opera House, Paris (Pan Handle Scrap-10) $4
1910 T218 Champion Atletes & Prizefighters
Platt Adams (Mecca-649) $4
C. M. Daniels (Hassan-649 Ser. 2) $10
Andrew Glarner (Hassan-30) $6
Lou Manley (Hassan-649) $5
Smythe Northridge (Hassan-649 Ser. 2) $10
R. P. Williams (Tolstoi-30) Tough Back Type $40
Harold A. Wilson (Hassan-649 Ser. 2) $12
1910 T227 Series Of Champions
C. Zbyszko, Wrestler (Honest Long Cut) Tough Series $20
1920-60's Exhibit Movie Star Cards
Anna Q. Nilsson (1920's PC Back) Babe Ruth's Co-Star in "Babe Comes Home" $5
Clark Gable (1940-50's) $3
Bill Cosby (1960's) $3
1935 R60 G-Men & Heroes of the Law (1-24 Strip Cards)
#2 G-Men Wipe Secret 10 Leaders (Bobby Mais) $5
#3 Capturing A Killer & His Gang $5
#4 A Gamble with Death $8
#7 A Trooper's Race with Death $8
#8 A Troope Fights with Flame $6
#12 A Trecherous Shot in the Dark $6
#15 A Mountain Cabin Gunfight 2 avail. $6/each
#17 Sure Death Defied $8
#21 A Desperate Running Fight $8
#21 A Desperate Running Fight $8
1941 R158 Uncle Sam's Home Defense
#113 Public Shelter $10
1930 W618 Kashin Pub. Movie Stars
Bebe Daniels Tough "Made in USA" on front $3
1893 K4 Arbuckle Coffee Sports & Pastimes
#23 Canada $10
c.1900 K-Unc Lion Coffee Card
Ring-Master w/ Lion $30
1900 J17 Dwight's Soda Mother Goose Series
Little Tommy Tittlemouse $6
1910 S25 College Seals
Harvard $6
Yale $6
1910 S59 Flag Girls of Nations (Type B- 3.5"x5")
Norway (Nebo Cigarettes) $5
1950's Muffet's Shredded Wheat Masks
#14 Jocko The Monkey (assembled) $3
1950 F275-20 Nabisco TV Puppet Theatre (Western)
Instructions $4
"They Went Thataway" $4