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Misc. Pre-War Baseball 1900-1929
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1906 Columbus Dispatch Postcards
1906 Columbus (American Association) Team
Columbus vs. Toledo
1906 Dice & Kauffman York Team Postacrd
1906 York (Tri-State League) Team Unused. Snake Wiltse, Stoney McGlynn, etc.
1906 Fan Craze National League (Red Backs)
George E. Howard
1906 Memphis Glenn Liebhardt Postcard (Uncatalogued)
Glenn Liebhardt This is perhaps the first ever individual card featuring a player from the Southern League (Extremely Rare- possibly unique)
1906 Youngstown (OH) Team PC
1906 Youngstown Team
1907 Dietsche Postcards (Chicago Cubs)
Johnny Kling Much tougher than Tigers team
1907 W601 Sporting Life Team Composites
Scranton (1906 New York State League) Archibald "Moonlight" Graham (Field of Dreams) Close-Up of Graham $495 **Extremely Tough**
1907 Wolverine News Co. Postcards (Detroit Tigers)
Fred Payne, Catcher
Charlie Schmidt, Catcher
1907-09 Dietsche Postcards (Detroit Tigers) 1907 Back Types
William E. Donovan
Jerome W. Downs
David Jones
George J. Mullin
Charles O'Leary
Fred T. Payne
Herman W. Schaefer
Charles Schmidt
Edward Siever
1907-09 H. M. Taylor Postcards (Detroit Tigers)
Detroit Tigers Team Autographed by 12 Tigers Players
1908 Bey Engraving Williamsport Team PC
1908 Williamsport Millionaires Team
1908 A. W. Spargo Hartford Postcards
1908 Hartford Team Extremely Rare & Uncatalogued
1909 "Atlanta 1909" Postcards 4"x6" (Atlanta Crackers)
Roy Castleton
1909 E101 "Set of 50"
Boss Schmidt measures short
1909 E102
Bob Bescher
1909 Boston Sunday Herald Supplements
#5 Bill Dahlen (Boston Nat'l) & Heinie Wagner (Boston Amer.)
1909-10 Shreveport Cabinets (Texas League (T210-3))
Leo Garvin Extremely beautiful Cabinet from Shreveport, LA photographer, this came from a recent collection of cabinets including a team cabinet where Garvin was easily identified on back
1909-10 German Stamps
Ginger Beaumont
Jack Rowan
Spike Shannon, Boston
1909-11 E254 Colgan's Chips "Stars Of The Diamond"
Ed Abbaticchio, Pittsburgh
Fred Abbott, Toledo
Bill Abstein, Pittsburg
Babe Adams, Pittsburg (#1)
Babe Adams, Pittsburg (#2)
Red Ames, New York Nat'l
Jimmy Austin, New York Am. Tough card
Charlie Babb, Memphis
Rudy Baerwald, Memphis (#1) Played in majors under the name John Bell
Rudy Baerwald, Memphis (#2)
Bill Bailey, St. Louis Am. L. (#1)
Bill Bailey, St. Louis Am. L. (#2)
Dick Bayless, Atlanta
Beals Becker, Boston Nat'l L.
Joe Birmingham, Cleveland
Lew Brockett, New York Am. L.
Al Burch, Brooklyn
Donie Bush, Detroit
Fred Clarke, Pittsburg Hall of Famer
Tommy Clarke, Cincinnati
Bill Clymer, Columbus
Karl Crandall, Memphis
Gavvy Cravath, Minneapolis
Harry Davis, Phil. Am. L.
Art Devlin, New York Nat'l. L.
Patsy Dougherty, Chicago Am.L.
Clyde Engle, New York Am. L.
Steve Evans, St. Louis Natl. L. (#1)
Steve Evans, St. Louis Natl. L. (#2)
Cecil Ferguson, Boston Nat'l. (#1)
Cecil Ferguson, Boston Nat'l. (#2)
Cecil Ferguson, Boston Nat'l. (#3)
Hobe Ferris, Minneapolis
Art Fromme, Cincinnati (small head variation)
Larry Gardner, Boston Am. L. (#1)
Harry Gaspar, Cincinnati (#1)
Harry Gaspar, Cincinnati (#2)
Gus Getz, Boston Nat'l L.
John Halla, Louisville (Large letter version) Tough card
Charlie Hanford, Jersey City
Roy Hartzell, St. Louis Am. L.
Weldon Henley, Rochester
Bill Hinchman, Columbus (#1) Tough card
Johnny Hughes, Louisville
Davy Jones, Detroit
Joe Kelley, Toronto Hall of Fame
Ed Konetchy, St. Louis Natl. L
Frank Lange, Chicago Am. L.
Tommy Leach, Pittsburg
Bill Lelivelt, Detroit
Bill Ludwig, Milwaukee
Nick Maddox, Pittsburg
George McBride, Washington (#1)
George McBride, Washington (#2)
Moose McCormick, New York Nat'l. L. (#1)
Moose McCormick, New York Nat'l. L. (#2)
Dan McGann, Milwuakee Tough card, McGann committed suicide in 1910
Larry McLean (Cincinnati) Larger head version in scan
Fred Merkle, New York Nat'l L.
Chief Meyers, New York Nat'l. L.
Dots Miller, Pittsburg
Mike Mitchell, Cincinnati
Roy Moran, Atlanta
Fred Parent, Chicago Am. L. (#1)
Fred Parent, Chicago Am. L. (#2) lower grade, paper loss back
Dode Paskert, Cincinnati
Jake Pfeister, Chicago Nat. L. (#1)
Jake Pfeister, Chicago Nat. L. (#2)
Deacon Phillippe, Pittsburgh (#1)
Deacon Phillippe, Pittsburgh (#2)
Billy Purtell, Chicago Am. L. (#1)
Billy Purtell, Chicago Am. L. (#2)
Bugs Raymond, New York Nat'l. L.
Barney Reilly, Chicago Am. L.
Ed Reulbach, Chicago Nat'l.
Clyde Robinson, Louisville
Royal Rock, Providence
Nap Rucker, Brooklyn (#1)
Nap Rucker, Brooklyn (#2)
Dick Rudolph, New York Nat'l L.
Bill Schardt, Milwaukee
Jimmy Scheckard, Chicago Nat'l. L.
Larry Schlafly, Newark (#1)
Larry Schlafly, Newark (#2)
Hosea Siner, Boston Nat'l L. His only card ever produced
George Stone, St. Louis Am. L.
Clarence Wauner, Memphis
Ed Willett, Detroit Am.
Orville Woodruff, Louisville
Heine Zimmerman, Chicago Nat'l L.
1909-12 PX7 Sweet Caporal Domino Discs
Home Team (red)/Visiting Team (green)
Art Fromme (green)
Eddie Grant (blue) Thin head (black name)
Eddie Grant (red) Wide Head (white name)
Harry McIntire (green) Thin head
Harry McIntire (red) Wide head
1910 All-Star Baseball Candy (Dockman & Sons)
Jack Coombs no ad at top
1910 E91-C American Caramel
Robt. Groom
1910 D322 Tip Top Bread (Pirates)
John Flynn
1910-11 T3 Turkey Red
#32 Orval Overall Clean checklist back
#105 Hans Lobert
1911 M116 Sporting Life
George McQuillan (Cincinnati)
Dode Paskert "300 Subjects" back (High Series)
Deacon Phillippe
1911 Stevens Firearms (Blotters)
Frank Baker Pink
Harry Davis
1911 T205
A. H. Bridwell Hassan (Fac. 30), SGC 60
G. C. Ferguson Piedmont (Fac. 25)
1911 T332 Helmar Stamps
Envelopes the stamps came in
Jack Barry (Philadelphia, Am.)
Harry Davis (Cleveland, Am.)
Long Tom Hughes (Washington, Am.)
John Knight (Washington, Am.)
Michael Simon (Pittsburgh, Nat.)
1913 Fenway Breweries (WG6 Tom Barker)
Score Card Very difficult type card $70
Frank "Home Run" Baker SGC 20
1913 WG5 The National Game
Joe Birmingham
Jake Daubert
George Stallings
Action Card (Batter Swinging-Looking Back)
Action Card (Play at Plate-Runner Standing)
Action Card (Runner Looking Backwards)
1914 B18 Blankets
Sam Agnew (St. Louis AL) Red Basepaths
Eddie Ainsmith (Washington) Green pennants
George Moriarty (Detroit) Green infield
Jeff Tesreau (New York NL) Green basepaths
Jeff Tesreau (New York NL) Green basepaths
1915 Postaco Stamps
A. Hartzell (sic, Roy)
c.1915 Hind's Cream (Portland, ME)
Baseball Stamp Hand's Honey & Almond Cream
1916 BF2 Ferguson Bakery Pennants
Ed. Murphy Yellow
Jim Vaughn White
1916 M101-5
#19 Joe Bush
#29 Ray Chapman
#45 Geo. A. Davis Jr. SGC 40
#46 Charles Deal
#79 John Henry SGC 40
#97 John Lavan (name correct) SGC 40
#98 Jimmy Lavender
#113 George McBride PSA 60
#120 Willie Mitchel
#141 Bill Rariden
#145 Bob Roth Famous & Barr Back
#178 Fred Toney Famous & Barr Back
#189 Carl Weilman
#191 Fred Williams
#199 Heiny Zimmerman
1916 M101-4
#12 Zinn Beck
#21 Joe Bush
#23 Art Butler SGC 60
#67 Gus Getz
#115 George McBride
#142 Eppa Rixey Jr. Hall of Fame ROOKIE
#193 Ivy Wingo Globe Clothing Back
c.1919-23 Universal Toy & Novelty 4-on-1 Cards (Uncatalogued)
Ray Schalk, Zach Wheat, Steve O'Neill, Tris Speaker
1920 W516-1-1
#2 Heinie Groh
#11 Jimmy Ring
#12 Jess. Barnes
#12 Jess. Barnes Becker Back
#14 Arty. Fletcher Ad Strip on Top "Universal Base-Ball Matching Cards"
#15 Dick Rudolph Ad Strip on Top "Universal Base-Ball Matching Cards"
#16 Benny Kauf Ad Strip on Top "Universal Base-Ball Matching Cards"
#18 Babe Adams
#18 Babe Adams Becker Back
#19 Will. Cooper
#20 R. Peckinpaugh
#28 Pep Young
1920 W516-2-1
#25 M. Kelley Actually George Kelly
1920 W516-2-2
#1 George Burns
1920 W520
#3 Larry Doyle
#4 Jess Barnes
#6 Cooper (Wilbur Cooper)
1920 W522
#34 Gonzales (Mike Gonzalez)
#37 Jess Barnes
#38 Larry Doyle
1921 Exhibits
U. C. "Red" Faber PSA 40
J. F. Fournier (St. Louis)
Dick Kerr The Clean "Black Sox"
John "Doc" Lavan PSA 60
Rollie C. Naylor PSA 50
Raymond R. Powell Stands in background, SGC 30 (Incorrectly graded as 1923-24) $30
Edgar S. Rice SGC 40
Wallie Schang
Tris Speaker
Ivy B. Wingo SGC 60
1921-30 MLB Game Die-Cuts
Years listed are possible years of issue.
Dave Robertson
1922 E121 American Caramel (Series of 120)
Dave Danforth
"Dixie" Davis
Tom Rogers
Elmer Smith
George Toporcer
Fred Toney SGC 50
1922 E120 American Caramel (240)
Charles (Babe) Adams
Virgil Cheeves
Gene (Bubbles) Hargrave
Ralph Pinelli
Jimmy Ring
1922 Exhibits
Turner Barber SGC 40
Sam Bohne Jewish Player
Geo. Burns (Cincinnati) SGC 70
George Burns (Boston)
Jim Caveney SGC 60
Joe Dugan (Boston)
Dana Fillingin (sic, Fillingim) PSA 7
[Art] Fletcher
[Walter] Gerber
Ray Grimes
E. R. Johnson SGC 60
Joe Judge SGC 50
Harry Liebold
Harry Myers
Arthur Nehf PSA 4
Geo. O'Neil Closer image (Knees to head) PSA 4 - Uncatalogued Variation
Geo. O'Neil Farther image (Shins to head) - Uncatalogued Variation
Walter Reuther PSA 4 (MK)
Jack Smith
Allan Sothoron
James Tierney
Aaron Ward
Ross Young (sic, Youngs) SGC 20
1922 W573
Charles (Babe) Adams
Vic Aldridge
Turner Barber
Jesse Barnes
Jimmy Caveney
Wibur Cooper
Max Flack
Jack Fournier
Walter Gerber HOR, Oversized
Oscar Ray Grimes
Clif Heathcote
Clarence (Shovel) Hodge
Waite Hoyt HOR
Sylvester Johnson
Bob O'Farrell
Babe Ruth Oversized t-b
Urban Shocker
Al Sothoron
Jim Tierney HOR
John Tobin
John Tobin
George Toporcer
1922 W575-2 Autograph on Shoulder
George Kelly
1923 W515-1
#48 Urban Shocker
1923 W572
Harry Hooper (Chi. A.L.)
Lee King (Phila. N.L.)
1923-24 Tomas Gutierrez (Cuba)
#43 Ed Morris SGC 60
1924 Diaz Cigarettes (Cuba)
#88 Arthur R. Decatur
1925 Turf Cigarettes
#50 Baseball (George Sisler)
1925 W504 Universal Toy & Novelty (Brooklyn Dodgers)
#101 Edward W. Brown Uncut Sheet (Complete Set minus Team Card)
#102 John H. DeBerry
#103 William L. Doak
#104 Wm. C. Ehrhardt
#105 J. F. Fournier
#106 T. H. Griffith
#107 Burleigh A. Grimes
#108 C. P. Hargreaves
#109 Andrew A. High
#110 Andy H. Johnston
#111 John Mitchell
#112 "Tiny" Osborne
#113 Milton Stock
#114 James W. Taylor
#115 "Dazzy" Vance
#116 Zack D. Wheat
1926 Sports Co. of America
Jess Barnes
Wally Pipp
Sam Rice
George Uhle
1926-27 Aguilitas (Cuba)
#751 Cheo Hernandez Horizontal Card
#776 Lalo Rodriguez
#825 Tomas Calvo
1927 Exhibits
Dave Bancroft
Clifton Heathcote coupon on back
1927 W560
Lester Bell (Joker)
Max Bishop
Jim Bottomly
Guy Bush
Taylor Douthit
Jim Foxx (Joker)
Goose Goslin
Jesse Haines
Remy Kremer
Fred Marberry
Fred McGuire
Johnny Mostil
George Pipgras
Wllie Sherdel
Dazzy Vance
Jim Wilson
1928 Exhibits
Stanley Harris SGC 40, Postcard Back
1928 Harrington's Ice Cream
#2 Walter Reuther
#11 George Uhle
#19 Dave Bancroft
#28 Tris Speaker
#30 Waite Hoyt
#39 Bib A. Falk
#46 William H. Terry
#51 Joe Harris
#53 Eddie Roush
1928 W502
#53 Eddie Roush Blank Back
1928 W565
Harry Heilman Complete Sheet of 25 (Heilman, Benny Leonard, Chaplin, etc.)
1929 R316 Kashin Publications
Del Bissonette $25
Pete Donohue
Percy Jones Advertising Stamp on Back (Back)
Douglas McWeeny
Eddie Rommel
Dazzy Vance Extremely Tough "Made in USA" version (Canadian?), PSA 4
1929 W553
Lou Gehrig Tough Red Version, PSA 1