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Pre-War Baseball For Sale/Trade

All cards on this page are FOR SALE or are available for TRADE. Generally speaking all items listed here are duplicates or do not fit into my collection at the present time. If you have an item that is of comparable value that I do not currently have, I would be more than happy to trade straight across for it.

1883 Oakwood Baseball Club Trade Card/Ticket

April 26, 1883 Trade Card with Reverse being Invitation to Ball Great early sports trade card with red and gold printing. Believed to be from the Dayton, Ohio area. $125.00

1887 N28 Allen & Ginter Sports Champions

Jake Kilrain (Pugilist/Boxing) $55
Matsada Sorakishi (Japanese Wrestler) $40

1887 N284 Buchner Gold Coin Tobacco

Tom Brown, Pittsburg PSA 4 VGEX $295
Doc Bushong, St. Louis St. Louis Browns Series, clean back SOLD
Cliff Carroll, Washington PSA 4 VGEX $295
John Coleman, Pittsburg PSA 4 VGEX $295
Jim Fogarty, Philadelphia now SGC 60 EX (Only 1 graded higher) SOLD
Charlie Getzien, Detroit SGC 40 VG (Only 2 graded higher-nice for the grade) $265
Doggie Miller, Pittsburg PSA 4 VGEX $305
Al Myers, Washington PSA 4 VGEX $285

1887-90 N172 Old Judge Cigarettes

#58-3b Oyster Burns, Brooklyns Tough Player SOLD
#87-1 Pete Connell, Des Moines Tough Player & His Only Pose, SGC 60 EX (Highest Graded--1 of 2) $450
#152-2a Bill Farmer, Pittsburgh Card is full sized but skinned SOLD
#154-5a Jack Farrell, Washington now SGC 40 VG $275
#170-6a Dave Foutz, Brooklyns $225
#188-2 Pete Gillespie, N.Y.'s $200
#194-1 Mouse Glenn, Sioux City Tough Player SOLD
#222-4 Hardie Henderson, Brooklyn Tough Outdoor Pose $250
#237-2b Bill Howes, St. Pauls (name mispelled Hawes) Tough Player $250
#239-5d Nat Hudson, St. Louis $225
#267-2 Fred Knouff, St. Louis Browns $225
#270-3b Gus Krock, Chicagos $125
#320-2a Jim McTamany, Brooklyn SGC 40 VG, Tough Outdoor Pose SOLD
#323-4a Doggie Miller, Pittsburg $195
#330-4a Ed Morris, Pittsburgh $200
#355-1b Hank O'Day, Washington Future HOFer? $250
#356-5 Tip O'Neil, St. Louis Very Popular Player $250
#363-2a Jimmy Peeples, Brooklyn Tough Outdoor Pose SOLD
#372-4a Henry Porter, Brooklyn Tough Outdoor Pose $240
#385-4a Danny Richardson, N.Y.'s now SGC 10 PR $150
#387-5 John Roach, N.Y.'s $140
#423-2c Elmer Smith, Cincinnatti now SGC 40 VG, Future HOFer? $275
#426-1b Pap Smith, Pittsburg SOLD
#431-3a Bill Sowders, Bostons SOLD
#433-7b Charlie Sprague, Chicago $200
#462-1 Bill Traffley, Des Moines Tough Player, AMAZING Photo Quality SOLD
#482-5b Count Weber, Sioux City SGC 40 VG, Tough Player $275
#502-6c Ned Williamson, Chicago Very Popular Player $425
#503-2 C. H. Willis, Omahas now SGC 50 VGEX, Tough Team SOLD

1888 R & S Die-Cuts (Rafael Tuck & Sons)

Baltimore High Grade - One of the more condition sensitive in the set $135
Brooklyn High Grade $125
Indianapolis High Grade $120

1888 Scrapp's Die Cuts

Charlie Bennett (Detroit) Very Popular Player $285

1888 WG1 Game Cards

John Coleman (Pittsburgh) now SGC 40 VG (slight stain on back) $425
Piano Legs Gore (New York) now SGC 40 VG (slight stain on back) $425

1890's WG-Unc Game Card

Base-Ball (25 Cents) Pretty cool uncatalogued item, hand colored on front $75

1890's Frederick Schink (Merchant/Tailor) Comic Baseball Cards (H801-31)

A Foul Ball $65
Out At First $65

1895 N300 Mayo's Cut Plug

Fred Pfeffer (Retired) Clean back, scuff on front $250

1896 N301 Mayo's Cut Plug Game Cards

Runner, N.Y. (Bending Forward) Very Fragile Set SOLD

1898 S.H.C. Baseball Pin

1898 S. H. C. Pin (G. L. Fololf? -2nd & Broadway, N.Y.) This pin is for an unidentified team from 1898, made by a jeweler in NYC. Team is either S.H.C. or H.S.C. Any information as to the team this pin belonged to would be much appreciated. Very nice shape with nice enamel inlay and very delicate pin mechanism on back. $225

1900 T203 Mayo's Baseball Comics

"An All-Star Battery" Tough Type Card, nice shape $95

1902 W601 Sporting Life Team Composites

New Haven Team (Conn. State League) Tom Tuckey, Jimmy Canavan (Email for photo) $140
Rockford Team (Three-I League) Hugh Nicol(N172), Ed Killian, Art Kruger (Email for photo) $150

1903 W601 Sporting Life Team Composites

Holyoke Team (Conn. State League) Claude Rossman, Rube Vickers, Heinie Batch (Email for photo) $210
Sedalia Team (Missouri Valley League) Eli Cates, etc. (Email for photo) $195

1906 Columbus Dispatch

1906 Columbus (American Association) Team $120/both cards together
Columbus vs. Toledo

1906 WG3 Fan Craze AL

Billy Owen Name is actually Frank Owens SOLD

1906 WG3 Fan Craze NL

G. E. Howard $50

1906 Dice & Kauffman Postcard

York Baseball Team (Tri-State League) Unused. Snake Wiltse, Stoney McGlynn, etc. $150

1907 W601 Sporting Life Team Composites

Scranton Team (1906 New York State League) Archibald "Moonlight" Graham (Field of Dreams) Close-Up of Graham $575 (**Extremely Rare**)

1907 Dietsche Cubs Postcards

Johnny Kling Postally Unused. Much tougher than the Tigers PC's $85.00

1907 Wolverine News Tigers Postcards

Fred Payne Used $115.00
Charlie Schmidt Postally Used, Great Image $125.00

1907-09 Dietsche Tigers Postcards

Edward H. Killian Writing on back, gouges on front SOLD

1908 Bey Engraving Williamsport Team PC

1908 Williamsport Millionaires Team Neatly used back $110

1908 E91-A American Caramel

John Kling SOLD
Osee Schreckengost $50.00

1909 Cabanas (Cuban)

C. Beckendorff (Detroit Tigers) Tough Type Card $425

1909 E91-B American Caramel

Harry Davis $40
Robt. Ganley $60
Rich. W. Marquard $125
Rich. W. Marquard SOLD
Dan Murphy $60

1909 E102

Bob Bescher Nice card, clean back $140.00

1909 E95 Philadelphia Caramel

Nick Maddox Nice card, clean back $115.00

1909-10 German Stamps

Ginger Beaumont Tough Type, high grade $55.00
Jack Rowan Tough Type, high grade $50.00
Spike Shannon Tough Type, high grade $50.00

1909-10 W555 "Snap-Shot" Baseball Candy

Bill Heinchman Nice card $65.00

1909-11 T206 White Borders

Gavvy Cravath Piedmont 350, Clean back, scuff on front $35.00
Ed Reulbach (glove shows) SGC 1.5, Sweet Caporal 150 (Fac.30) SOLD

1909-13 M101-2 Sporting News Supplements

John J. Barry (2/23/1911) Extremely Nice For the Fragile Issue SOLD
Jos B. Tinker (10/20/1910) Clean back $140.00

1909-11 E254 Colgans Chips

Fred Abbott, Toledo $35
Babe Adams, Pittsburg $35
Bill Bailey, St. Louis Am. L. $38
Dick Bayless, Atlanta $32
Gavvy Cravath, Minneapolis Tough card, stain front/back SOLD
Art Devlin, New York Nat'l. L. $24
Patsy Dougherty, Chicago Am.L. $28
Steve Evans, St. Louis Natl. L. $35
Cecil Ferguson, Boston Nat'l. (#1) Tough Card, tiny stain o/w clean $38
Cecil Ferguson, Boston Nat'l. (#2) Tough Card $35
Hobe Ferris, Minneapolis Tough card, stain back SOLD
Harry Gaspar, Cincinnati $28
Bill Hinchman, Columbus Tough card SOLD
Harry Hooper, Boston Am. L. Clean front, SGC 1.5 (some back damage) HOF ROOKIE $55
Tommy Leach, Pittsburg $40
George McBride, Washington SOLD
Moose McCormick, New York Nat'l. L. SOLD
Fred Merkle, New York Nat'l L. lower grade $7
Chief Meyers, New York Nat'l. L. SOLD
Fred Parent, Chicago Am. L. lower grade, paper loss back $6
Jake Pfeister, Chicago Nat. L. $22
Deacon Phillippe, Pittsburgh $32
Billy Purtell, Chicago Am. L. lower grade, paper loss back $6
Bugs Raymond, New York Nat'l. L. $32
Ed Reulbach, Chicago Nat'l. $33
Nap Rucker, Brooklyn SOLD
Jimmy Scheckard, Chicago Nat'l. L. Tough card SOLD
Larry Schlafly, Newark Tough card $20

1910 E90-2 American Caramel (Pittsburgh Pirates)

Dots Miller $110

1910 E91-C American Caramel

W. J. Barbeau $50
George Gibson $45
Robt. Groom $40
Geo. F. McBride $45
J. B. Miller $50
Harry Niles $45
Allen Storke $50

1910 E98

Frank Chance Blue Background SOLD

1910 E125 American Caramel Die-Cuts

Cy Seymour Extremely nice card, but someone erased the name on front $695

1910 T332 Helmar Stamps

Envelopes the stamps came in 2 styles $8/each
Jack Barry (Philadelphia, Am.) $35
Harry Davis (Cleveland, Am.) $30
Bill Donovan (Detroit, Am.) $35
Patsy Dougherty (Chicago, Am.) $33
Solly Hoffman (Chicago, Nat.) $25 Sale Pending
Long Tom Hughes (Washington, Am.) $45
John Knight (Washington, Am.) $45
George McBride (Washington, Am.) $35
Arthur Shafer (New York, Nat.) $25
Michael Simon (Pittsburgh, Nat.) $35
Ira Thomas (Philadelphia, Am.) $25
Doc White (Chicago, Am.) $40
Hooks Wiltse (New York, Nat.) $45

c.1910 Cubs Shoe Polish Pin

Chicago Cubs Mascot Item, does have pinback intact (removed only for photo to show detail) SOLD Very Tough Item

c.1910 Reach Official Baseball Pin

American Association Tougher than corresponding "American League" Version $30

c.1910 T6 College Cabinets

T6 "Murad" Cabinet Coupon $30 Tough Item
"Fatima" Coupon This coupon is not associated w/ the T6's but is similar $25 Tough

1910-11 T3 Turkey Red Cabinets

T3 Old Mill Coupon Nice example of condition sensitiv item SOLD
#32 Orval Overall Clean checklist back $195
#105 Hans Lobert Name neatly written on checklist back, otherwise extremely nice card $215

1911 D311 Pacific Coast Biscuit

J. Tyler Christian BVG 3 VG (looks nicer), Tough Type $595

1911 M116 Sporting Life

Harry Krause clean back SOLD
Dode Paskert SGC 40, "300 Subjects" Back (High Series) $90

1911 Stevens Firearms (Blotters)

Frank Baker Pink, Used-but presentable $395 Extremely Rare Type Card
Harry Davis Blue, New Addition to Checklist $425 Extremely Rare Type Card

1911 T205 Gold Borders

John Bates clean Sweet Caporal back $50
Al Bridwell Hassan, now SGC 60 EX $105
Al Bridwell clean Piedmont back $40
Sam Leever clean Piedmont back $25

1912 C46 Imperial Tobacco

#43 Robert Fisher, Newark Nice condition $65

1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders

Chase Dives Into Third (Hal Chase/Harry Wolter) SGC 40 VG $75
Close At The Plate (Doc White, Fred Payne) $65

1912 T207 Brown Background

Recruit Box Dated 1912, From correct Fact # (Fact 240-1st Dist PA) SOLD
John Henry Clean Recruit back $50

1912 Zeenuts PCL

Blaine Durbin (Oakland) small rip on right side, nice image $28
Roy Parkins (Oakland) SOLD Ashley Pope (Oakland) SOLD

1913 Cravats Felt Pennants (Extremely Rare)

Tris Speaker (Boston Red Sox) Lower grade SOLD Tough Type Card

1913 Fenway Breweries (WG6 Tom Barker)

Score Card Fenway Breweries Overprint on front $75 Tough Type Card

1913 National Game

Joe Birmingham $55
Jake Daubert $45
George Stallings $45
Action Card (Batter Swinging-Looking Back) $25
Action Card (Play at Plate-Runner Standing) $25
Action Card (Runner Looking Backwards) $25

1913 Oakland Oaks Team Issue (Extremely Rare)

Howard Gregory Incredibly Tough Type Card $995

1914 B18 Blankets

Eddie Ainsmith (green pennants) $30
Del Baker (white infield) $25
Frank Chance (green Infield) $80
Cozy Dolan (St. Louis NL--Purple Pennants) Tough Team $70
Tommy Griffith (white infield, green pennants) $28
George Moriarty (white infield) $25
Jeff Tesreau (green basepaths) $28

1914 E145-1 Cracker Jack

#72 Joe Boehling SGC 3 VG $195

1914 Zeenuts (PCL)

Walter Cartwright (S.F.) Rare Horizontal Pose $85
Ben Henderson (S.F.) SGC A $40
Harry Hughes (S.F.) SGC A SOLD

1914-16 T213-2 Coupon Cigarettes

Cy Barger $60.00
Mickey Doolan (Batting, Baltimore Fed) $35.00 Sale Pending
Joe Kelley (New York) $150.00
Tommy Leach (Cincinnati) SOLD
Mike Mowrey (Pittsburgh Fed.) $70.00

1915 E145-2 Cracker Jack

#54 Marty O'Toole PSA 4 VGEX $125
#172 J. Erskine Mayer SGC 3 VG, Popular Jewish Player SOLD

1915 Postaco Stamps

Hank Gowdy Much Tougher Orange Background SOLD
Roy Hartzell Yellow Background $45.00

1915 W-Uncat.

Philadelphia Athletics Team (Champions) Extremely Tough Type card SOLD

1916 BF2 Ferguson Bakeries Pennants

Ed. Murphy (Yellow) $100.00
Jim Vaughn (White) $105.00
Ivy Wingo (White) SOLD

1916-20 W-Unc Big Head Strip Cards

Wally Schang Extremely nice for the issue, with large borders SOLD

1920 W516-1-1

#12 Jess Barnes TOUGH Becker back $25.00
#18 Babe Adams TOUGH Becker back $25.00

1920 W516-2-1

#25 M. Kelley (actually HOFer George Kelly) $50.00

1921-30 MLB Game Die-Cuts

Charlie Berry, Red Sox (1928-30), Also played Pro Football $30.00
Dolly Gray, A's (1924-27), High Grade $40.00
Sammy Hale, A's (1923-29) $28.00
Bing Miller, A's (1923-26, 28-30), Nice $35.00
Rube Walberg, A's (1923-30), Nice SOLD

1921-22 E121 American Caramel (Series of 80)

John Lavan Small tear on right side $12.00
Al Mamaux Front is great, back has stain and hand-stamp $15.00

1921-23 E220 National Caramel Co.

Frank Snyder (Standing) Nice type card from a tough set, clean back SOLD

1922 E121 American Caramel (Series of 120)

"Dixie" Davis small tear on the left side $15.00
Phil Douglas SOLD
Alexander Gaston Discoloration on front corners SOLD
Tom Rogers trimmed on left side $8.00
"Muddy" Ruel Back Miscut, hand cut printers scrap **Tough** $50.00
Bill Ryan SOLD
Elmer Smith $23.00
Frank Snyder SOLD
George Toporcer SOLD
Aaron Ward SOLD
Ivy B. Wingo $23.00

1922 W573

Urban Shocker Very Popular 1927 Yankees pitcher $25.00
John Tobin $15.00

1922-23 PB4 Kolb's Mothers Bread Pins (Reading)

Chief Bender, Manager Small surface crack on front, mentioned for accuracy. Paper back intact. SOLD
Hinkey Haines Great Penn State & NFL player, only player to win Championship in both baseball (Yankees) and football (Giants), could easily have been elected to pro-football Hall of Fame. Nmmt w/paper SOLD
Pat Martin White spot on front part of photo, no damage. Nmmt w/paper SOLD

1923 German Transfers

Dave Bancroft High Grade $40
Red Faber High Grade $40
Arthur Nehf High Grade $25
Ray Schalk Staple Hole at top--all Shalk's have this due to location on sheet SOLD
Everett Scott High Grade $25
Bob Shawkey High Grade $25

1923 W515-1

#20 Carl Mays SOLD
#43 Sam Jones SOLD
#44 Frank Snyder $24.00

1923 W515-2 "Little Wonder Picture Series"

#9 Bob Shawkey SGC 80 EXMT SOLD

1923 W572

Geo. Burns some b/d SOLD
Lee King $18.00
Joe Oeschger $24.00
Jack Quinn crease $15.00
Eddie Roush HOF SOLD
Elmer Smith $20.00
Milton Stock Nice $28.00
Zach Wheat HOF SOLD
Ivy Wingo $24.00

1923 Zeenuts SEPIA (RARE 1922 Re-Issue)

Lynn Brenton (Oakland Oaks) **TOUGH TYPE CARD** clean front, some back damage $50.00
Babe Ellison (San Francisco Seals) Low grade filler $20.00
Del Howard (Manager)(Oakland Oaks) Low grade filler $15.00
Ernest Wilie (Oakland Oaks) Low grade filler $20.00

1923-24 Billiken (Cuba)

Ivy Griffin SGC 60 (5) EX (Extremely High Grade) SOLD

1923-24 Tomas Gutierrez (Cuba)

#43 Ed Morris SGC 60 (5) EX (Extremely High Grade) $450.00

1924 V122 Willard's Sports Champions

#32 Papyrus English Derby Winner-1923 2 Available, One on L-SOLD, R-$25

1925 Turf Cigarettes

#50 Baseball (George Sisler) For Sale is the entire set of 25 cards (also Golf, Boxing, Tennis, etc.) $85.00/set of 25

1925 Universal Toy & Novelty (Brooklyn Dodgers)

Complete Player set in sheet (no team card) Dazzy Vance Rookie!, no creasing $450.00/set

1926 Sports Co. of America

Jess Barnes Tough Type $60.00
Osward Bluege SOLD
Fred Hofmann SOLD
"Babe" Pinelli SOLD
Wally Pipp Replaced at 1B by young Lou Gehrig SOLD
Sam Rice SGC 50 SOLD
George Uhle $60.00
Aaron L. Ward SOLD

1926-27 Aguilitas (Cuban)

#751 Cheo Hernandez Only Horizontal in set $95.00
#759 Jacinto Calvo Featured on several High Demand Zeenuts, High grade $120.00
#776 Lalo Rodriguez $65.00
#825 Tomas Calvo EXTREMELY HIGH GRADE $120.00

1926-27 W512

Frank Frisch Huge borders $55.00

1926-29 Exhibits Postcard Backs

Geo. Haas SOLD
Harry Heilmann Ghost Image on back (Wet Sheet Transfer) $110.00
Bing Miller SOLD

1927 E210-1 York Caramel (Type 1)

#3 Joe Duggan SOLD
#17 Carl Mays

1927 W560 Playing Cards

Complete Black Sheet Jimmy Foxx, Bottomley, Haines, Vance, & Goslin. $295.00/ complete sheet

1928 W565 Playing Cards

Complete Black Sheet Harry Heilmann $120.00/complete sheet
Al Simmons (Red) higher grade for set $35.00

1928 F50 Yeungling's Ice Cream

#40 Willie Kamm $60.00

1929 W553

Lou Gehrig Tough RED Color $395.00

1929 Zeenuts PCL

Henry Oana Popular Hawaiian Player SOLD

1929-30 R315

Benny Bengough SOLD
George Pipgras SOLD

1930 Baguer Chocolates

Clarence Blair $55
Leo Dixon $35
George Earnshaw Purple back. $40
W. Grampp (sic, Hank Grampp) SGC 84 (7) NM. $80
Charlie Grimm $35
Fred Marberry $45
G. McMillan (sic, Norm McMillan) $50
Herb Pennock $85
Jack Quinn $45
Harry Rice $55

1931 Metropolitan Studios (St. Louis Cardinals)

Charlie Gelbert $40.00
Tony Kaufmann High Grade $60.00

1931 W502 Blank Back

#46 Eppa Rixey Extremely Tough Type (at least 10X tougher than the 1928 W502) SOLD

1931 W517

#1 Earl Combs $55.00
#3 Eddie Rausch $60.00
#5 Chalmer Cissell Cleveland A.L. $28.00
#6 Bill Sherdel $15.00
#7 Bill Shore $38.00
#8 Geo. Earnshaw $35.00
#10 Charlie Klein $60.00
#17 Jack Quinn $35.00
#19 Kiki Cuyler "1st Base" at top $50.00
#24 Freddy Lindstrom $50.00
#26 Pete Donahue $25.00
#28 Heine Manush $70.00
#29 Chick Hafey SGC 60 EX, Cincinnati N.L. $90.00
#30 Melvin Ott $75.00
#31 Bing Miller Black/Green Printing $35.00
#31 Bing Miller Black Printing $25.00
#32 Geo. Haas $30.00
#33 Lefty O'Doul Brooklyn N.L. $40.00 Sale Pending
#34 Paul Waner **Tough** No Number on front $85.00
#37 Mickey Cochrane (Catching) $60.00
#43 Art Shires "Strike Out" at top $35.00
#44 Sammy Hale $38.00
#46 Joe Sewell **Tough** "1st Base" at top $75.00
#50B Lu Blue "Strike Out" at top $35.00
#51 Earl Averill $60.00

1931 W517 Mini (TOUGH TYPE)

Pete Donahue black/white $20.00
Willi Kamm light blue $20.00 (erased writing on back)
Willi Kamm black/white $18.00 (erased writing on back)
Travis Jackson (HOF) sepia SOLD

1932 PR3 Orbit Gum Pins (No #'s)

Dick Bartell $24.00
Jack Burns $24.00
Jimmy Dykes $25.00
Frank Grube $30.00
Mule Haas $22.00
Red Lucas scuff $16.00
Pinky Whitney $24.00

1932 W574

Urban (Red) Faber SGC 40 VG, Tough Type Card $135.00

1932-34 PR2 Orbit Gum Pins (#'ed)

#11 Jimmy Dykes SOLD
#13 Pat Malone SOLD
#13 Pat Malone Lower grade (no pin) $4.00
#17 Bud Tinning Nrmt-Mt $25.00
#27 Dale Alexander $9.00
#28 Mickey Cochrane $20.00
#31 Lefty O'Doul (Giants) Low grade SOLD
#32 Woody English (w/ bat) SOLD
#37 Charley Grimm SOLD
#92 Don Brennan $15.00
#92 Don Brennan $11.00
#96 Sam Byrd $8.00
#111 Earl Combs $22.00
#120 Lefty Gomez $28.00

1933 Goudey

#134 Sam Rice HOFer $40.00

1933 DeLong Gum

#13 Rabbit Maranville $80.00

1933 PX3 Gum Inc. Double-Header Discs

Jimmy Dykes #2 (White) Tough Type SOLD
Firpo Marberry #1 (Green) High Grade, Tough Type SOLD
Pinky Whitney #2 (White) Tough Type SOLD

1933 R305 Tattoo Orbit

George Blaeholder Tough Card From Set $85.00
James J. Levey (Tough Jewish Player) SGC 10 PR (paper loss back) $45.00
Red Lucas $50.00
Jackson Riggs Stephenson $65.00
Bud Tinning

1933 R308 Tattoo Orbit (Self Developing)

#167 Jimmy Dykes Tough Type $45.00

1933 R317 Uncle Jacks Candy

James L. Bottomley **Tough** Black & White printing, Trimmed at top SOLD

1933 Ward's Sporties Pins

Charlie Grimm $80.00

1934 Diamond Match Co. (Silver Border)

James A. Collins Blue, Number written in pen on back (o/w clean) $8.00

1934 Gold Medal Foods

Paul "Daffy" Dean $55.00
Ducky Medwick $70.00

1934 Goudey

#44 Tom Bridges Pretty Nice Example $38.00

1934 R72 Schutter-Johnson

Baseball Player ("I want to be a...") Tough Type card $40.00

1934 R310 Butterfinger

Rick Ferrell Extremely High Grade $70.00
Oscar Melillo Extremely Rare Authentic Back Stamp Back Image $95.00
Blondy Ryan Extremely High Grade $45.00

1934 V94 Butterfinger Canadian (Actually issued by O-Pee-Chee)

Lew Fonseca Extremely High Grade $60.00
Ed Holley Extremely High Grade $60.00
Joe Mowry Extremely High Grade $60.00
Fresco Thompson Extremely High Grade $60.00

1934 R304 Dietz Gum Al Demaree Die-Cuts

#38 Harley Boss Cleveland, Very few issues featuring Boss, Tough Type $425.00

1934-36 Batter-Up

#43 Joe Heving Pink,Nice Type $40.00

1934-36 Diamond Stars

#4 Buddy Myer 1934 Green Back $25.00
#22 Jimmy Wilson 1936 Blue Back $22.00
#32 Sam Rice $85.00
#46 Red Lucas $22.00

1935 Detroit Sunday Times Supplements

Hank Greenberg Extremely Tough & Condition Sensitive Type $125.00

1935 Wheaties (Series 1)

Gus Mancuso Tough Full Frame $50.00

1936 Diamond Matchbooks (Football)

Ed Manske (RED) (2 available) $10.00/Each
Henry (Hank) Reese (TAN) $10.00

1936 E-Uncatalogued (Related to 1936 S&S Game but too tall t-to-b to be cut down game cards)

Carl Hubbell Tough Type $65.00
Floyd Young Tough Type, Nice Shape $75.00

1936 Goudey

Rolly Hemsley $35.00
Frank Higgins $45.00
Bill Werber SGC 60 (5) EX. $55.00

1936 R301 Overland Candy Co.

Robert Abial (Red) Rolfe Extremely nice for this condition sensitive set SOLD

1936 R311 Glossy Finish

Gordon S. "Mickey" Cochrane $25.00
American League Pennant Winners (1934 Detroit Tigers) Some slight back damage $18.00
New York Yankees (1935) Gehrig, Dickey, Ruffing, etc. SOLD

1936 R311 Leather Finish

Wes Ferrell High Grade for the set $50.00

1936 R312 Pastel

Tris Speaker/Kiki Cuyler/Danny Taylor SOLD

1936 R313 Nat'l Chicle "Fine Pens"

Jose Gomez Early Latin Star $20.00
Babe And His Babes (Babe Herman) $20.00
Lefty Gomez/Red Ruffing High Grade $50.00

1936 R314 Goudey "Wide Pens"

Charlie Gelbert $8.00
John Marcum $9.00
Terry Moore back/damage $4.00
"Buck" Newsom $12.00
"Buck" Newsom tiny tear/crease in u/r corner $4.00
"Buck" Newsom $6.00
Bill Rogell $12.00
Bill Rogell $9.00
Bill Rogell $8.00

1936-37 R314 Wide Pens (Creamy Stock)

Julius Solters Some minor back damage $10.00

1936 S & S Game (all Have Green Backs)

Dolph Camilli $15.00
Frank Frisch $35.00
John Gill $15.00
Mule Haas $15.00
Jos. Medwick $35.00

1936-37 BF3 Mini-Pennants (Red Ball Gum Co.)

Luke Appling Batting, Block Name $65
Hank Leiber $45
Giants Two players $35
Phillies Pitcher $35
White Sox Batter (left of "W") $35
Bees Bee is crossbar of "B" $30
Cardinals Cardinal inside "C", profile $30
Cardinals Cardinal inside "C", profile $18 pinhole in "C"
Indians Indian profile, headdress $30
Indians Indian profile, headdress $30
Pirates Skull, cross-bones SOLD
Pirates Skull, cross-bones $28
Red Sox Bat & ball $35
Brewers (Amer. Ass'n.) Tough series $40

1937 Dixie Lids

Charlie Gehringer (2-5/16") -Hoodsie Back. $95
Joe Medwick (2-5/16") -Hendlers Back. $80
Gabby Hartnett Large (2-11/16") -Bartholomay Back. $95

1937 Kellogg's PEP Stamps

Lew Fonseca Tough Issue $25.00
Billy Herman Tough Issue $40.00
Walter Johnson Tough issue $95.00

1937-39 Orcajo Postcards (Reds)

Frenchy Bordagaray $75.00
Willard Herschberger Tragic Suicide during 1939 Season SOLD
Billy Meyers $75.00
Bucky Walters SOLD

1938 Baseball Tabs

New York Giants (yellow) Tough issue, missing side tabs $10.00

1938 Dixie Lids

Bob Feller (2-5/16") Velvet Back SOLD
Wally Moses (2-5/16") Hoodsie Back $55

1938 Our National Game Tabs/Pins (all on original cards)

Wally Berger $15
Joe Cronin $22
Jimmy Foxx $35
Lefty Gomez $25
Leo Hartnett $22
Gus Mancuso $15
Joe McCarthy (Manager) SOLD
Mel Ott $30
Red Ruffing $25
George Selkirk SOLD

1938 Sawyer Biscuit Company (Chicago Cubs/White Sox)

Stan Hack (Cubs) Extremely RARE Issue, Comes with large Sawyer Biscuit Tin SOLD

1939 Chicago Cubs Team Issue (6.5"x9")

Complete 1939 Chicago Cubs Team Issue Photos (25) Including Dizzy Dean, Hartnett, Billy Herman, Bartell, Hack, etc. (around EX Overall) $175.00/ Complete Set

1939 Play Ball

#37 Virgil Davis $15
#59 Kendall Chase $15
#77 Lewis Riggs $15
#105 Donald McNair $15
#106 Albert "Dolly" Stark Umpire $28

1939-46 Salutation Exhibits

Carl Hubbell (High Grade) $40

1940 Wheaties "Champs of USA"

#3 Jimmy Foxx, Bernie Bierman (Football), Bill Dickey $40.00
#4 Morrie Arnovich, Earl "Dutch" Clark (Football), Captain R. L. Baker (Aviator) Advertisement attached at bottom $45.00
#6 Bob Feller, Johnny Mize, Rudy York Advertisement attached at bottom SOLD
#11 Dolph Camilli, Antoinette Concello (Acrobat), Wallace Wade (Football) $30.00

1940 Play Ball

#85 Hal Schumacher $15
#204 Harry Eisenstat **Tough** Jewish Player, High # $60

1941 Play Ball

#31 "Joe" Kuhel $28
#32 Taft Wright $28
#51 "Dolph" Camilli High # $38
#62 "Elbie" Fletcher High # $38

1942 Chicago Cubs Team Issue (6.5"x9")

Complete 1942 Chicago Cubs Team Issue Photos (25) Including the first Puerto Rican Major Leaguer Hiram Bithorn, etc. (around EX Overall) includes the original envelope $180.00/ Complete Set (with envelope)

1943 MP & Co.

Walker Cooper $10
Walker Cooper $3

1943 Nashville Volunteers Photos

Pete Elko SOLD
Ray Hamrick $60
"Mel" Hicks SOLD

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